Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free through Friday December 14, 2012!!

Cheryl has her first book out!  Check it out!

 FREE on Kindle through Friday Dec. 14, 2012
Instant Inspiration Quotes on Writing and the Writing Life

Need a little inspiration to build your writing confidence or jump-start your creativity? Want some advice on what to write? Look no further than Instant Inspiration, a collection of quotes from some of the world's best writers. 

Chapters include: How to Live a Creative Life, The Importance of Dreams, How to be a Writer, The Role of Inspiration, The Power of Story, What to Write, Advice on Writing, Overcoming Fear and Failure, Dealing with Writer's Block, and The Role of Perseverance. 

Read it from cover to cover or just pick a topic that speaks to you. You’ll mine these treasures for years to come.


Tony said...

Pfffttt! No way.

Newfoundout Potter said...

The best book that I have read on creativity is Imagine - How Creativity Works by Johan Lehrer. Different parts of the brain are involved in different types of creativity - its really amazing what goes on in the brain. He's also on a you tube.

John Britt said...

That is the guy in the plagiarizing scandal: