Monday, December 31, 2012

GAS Kiln for Sale 2012

Last deal of the year!!!!!!!!!!!$3550.00 

 Ceramic Services CS09 front loading gas kiln. It is 9 cu.ft. with ITC 100 HT ceramic coating.  I purchased this kiln in 2006.  The cost at that time was $6,275.00 for the kiln, galvanized hood $1,298.00,  ITC coating $265.00.  Current pricing for just the kiln is about $3,200.00 more than what I paid.  I have fired it only 4 times.  I also have 6  12”x 24” Advancer shelves that cost me $175.00 each.  I have no idea how to price this package.  I do want to sell it and am hoping you can help me.
$3550.00 for all. You pick up - Cash Only!

Sue Snook
P.O. Box 250
Yankeetown, Fl  34498

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