Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jason Bohnert & some sap

Back in February, I had the rare opportunity to hang with my West Virginia University ceramics homies.  As we've gone our separate ways to start careers and families, it sure was special for me to see these old friends all at once.  If I  may get a little sappy for just one moment, for the short time we got together in February it felt like no time had passed between us.  I think all of us clay people have forged unique friendships through our common love of clay.
Potter and Educator Jason Bohnert was recently invited by Brad Birkhimer, Adjunct Professor at Hood College, Frederick, MD, for the college's Visiting Artist program.  The Workshop featured functional ceramic art such as cups, mugs, pouring vessels, and bowls with faceted surface decoration techniques inspired by Arizona landscapes and Yixing China ceramic artists.  Jason’s ceramics arts depend mainly on a wood fired environment to get the surface colors and textures that his Arizona surroundings inspire.
Steve Barber of Unit4 Media created visual documentation of the workshop. Click here to see images from the workshop and a 2004 video Steve made of the WVU Wood kiln building project in Jingdezhen, China.
Unit4 Media provides services in photography, videography, graphic design and web design.  

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