Thursday, March 7, 2013

Charles Krafft, ceramic artist and Holocaust denier

The Hatewatch Blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent and in-depth post about ceramicist Charles Krafft and the recent controversy surrounding him and his admission that he is a Holocaust denier. It includes comments from Garth Clark (who sold some of Krafft's work though he never represented him):

Famous Seattle Ceramicist Exposed as Holocaust Denier

Any Clay Clubbers know Krafft and/or his work? Wondering what potters think about his work and this story.


John Britt said...

Don't know of him but Holocaust Deniers are idiots! I will check it out. Thanks AMY!

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

I am aware of his work and have never been a fan. I had thought he was trying to be satirical in his art, although it is hard for me to find anything with swastikas and Hitler amusing (but we are still too close in time to the Holocaust to have any perspective). To find he is a Holocaust skeptic and a White Nationalist somehow makes sense to me now. I am glad there is a backlash against his work. I hope it does not increase the value of it.