Friday, July 5, 2013

Need Help with Wood Kiln Project

I am trying to help out these potters at the Rochester Folk Art Guild build a wood kiln. They are not rich to say the least and need a bit of help. 

This is not a Kickstarter project of a bunch of rich kids trying to game the system. These are a group of conscientious, hard working, ethical people who are trying to realize their mission of conscience work and keeping a connection to the earth.

If anyone would like to assist me in passing the word on or donating a small amount it would go a long way toward helping them!

They are a good group with limited funds trying to hold on to a dream in this complicated world!!  You can watch the video (with some Claymation) or read about them. They live in a community and survive of pottery and crafts.  I really hope they make their goal or they will get nothing.

Click on this Kickstarter link below:

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