Thursday, July 11, 2013

Type K Thermocouple 12"

Unsheathed K Thermocouple

Does anyone know the best place to buy a Type K Thermocouple?  I researched and got these prices:

Axner - $ 20.00-
Ward Burners - $32.00-
Clay Planet - $21.95
Bailey - $ 27.00
And Highwater - $28.25-

But Axner adds $3.95 for handling and then $7.00 shipping . So that makes Highwater cheaper. Some how I think that there has to be a cheaper place in the area??

Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Trinity Ceramics in Dallas,TX. $22.50 and the protection tube the whole assembly slides into for atmospheric firings is $20. I don't have a clue what shipping to your area would be but call Conor at Trinity and tell him Roy Odom said for you to check with him. I think he'll treat you fairly.

Anonymous said...

22.40 , But shipping on orders up to $50 is $10

Buy two and it would still be $27.40

Bruce said...

Try Euclid's.

Work in Clay said...

Columbus Clay in Ohio

michael said...

I think the last time I ordered directly from Omega they were like 15.00 plus postage

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Pretty sure I got my last one from Euclid along with other things so no shipping costs.