Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lark Books is closing Asheville Offices!

Rob Pulleyn looks over color proofs for a new book at Lark Books in Asheville in 2003.

According to the Asheville Citizeins Times:

"Landmark craft publishing house Lark Books will close its offices in downtown Asheville and move into parent Sterling Publishing Co.’s New York office, a spokesperson confirmed Wednesday morning.

“Sterling Publishing is consolidating the operations of its Lark Books craft imprint into the New York office, effective Feb.19, 2014,” said Mary Ellen Keating, spokesperson for Barnes & Noble — which is the umbrella owner of Sterling — in an email. “As part of the consolidation, Sterling will close the Lark office in Asheville, North Carolina."

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Amy Waller said...

Jason Sandford (aka Ashvegas) has some more on Lark's closing, including the email sent to Lark's "Authors, Agents and Creative Professionals." Very sorry to see the end of Lark in Asheville.