Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snowing inside the Kiln Shed or Making it Snow!

I am sure all you hippsters have heard of "making it rain" but have you ever heard of  "making it snow"?

This happened while I was getting ready for a workshop and firing outside. It was very cold (5 F) and so when I came out I noticed a lot of "steam" coming out of the kiln which would be normal at 200 F but at 1064 F that is quartz inversion and the clay was turning to ceramic and losing chemical water. So that is usually not that visible but since it was so cold you could see it.

But that isn't the amazing part....

Ice forming on old spider webs..  like rime frost..

Chemical water leaving.....

But when you opened the kiln lid the moist air hit the very cold shed room and it started snowing!  It was amazing. (I swear....and I have witnesses - Bridget Fox and Cheryl)

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Bruce said...

So, your new book will include some "crystaline" glazes? Are kiln-produced snow flakes different or are there identical flakes?