Thursday, June 26, 2014

Public Art Project- Pitch in and LEARN something!

Alex Irvine needs help with his public art commission in Asheville.  This is a great opportunity to contribute to public art and learn from a highly skilled sculptural tile maker.  

Still looking for more interns. 

This is the deal: 

1. A minimum 3 hr time commitment. The more someone can volunteer the more I will teach them. I need help pressing tiles, rolling slabs and wedging clay. I also need help building the figure. At three hours it will mostly be grunt work. 

2.  A minimum 6 hr commitment. I can teach press molding and some slab construction.

It is really hot in the day in this warehouse and working at night is preferable. IT IS ESSENTIAL that you can huck around a 25 lb bag of clay--it's kinda heavy. Some clay experience would be nice but is not necessary. Below are some process photos to let you know what you'd be getting into. 

Thanks for looking. Call if interested: 301-655-9566

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