Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kilns Shelves FREE (warped and used in salt kiln) Bakersville NC

Free to a Good Home
I have fourteen silicon carbide kiln shelves -- 14 inch x 20 inch. They are well worn and quite warped from many firings in my salt kiln.They are FREE to anyone who will also take a hefty pile of angle iron (enough to build the frame for a kiln...!)

Call me at  828 467 0166 -- pick it all up on your way to Clay Club at Crimson Laurel Gallery.

Terry Gess Pottery


Anonymous said...

Old kiln shelves broken into smaller pieces make a great walkway/patio if you have no other use for them!

June Perry said...

When well cleaned, a silicon carbide cut in a
14-15" square makes a great pizza stone. That angle iron can be sold for scrap if someone doesn't need it.