Friday, August 8, 2014

August Clay Club 2014

Yo Clubbers,

I am thinking of having Clay Club at my studio this coming Wednesday August 13th from 6 -8:30. 

I was thinking of having a bunch of my cone 6 tiles laid out and we can talk about them. I finished the book (which will be out in October/November 2014) but can never get all the tiles images in a book so I have a lot of information that just sits in boxes. 

If that is of interest I will do it, but you need to let me know.

Does anyone one else have ideas for Clay Club? Any venues? I know people from Asheville don't like driving all this way but I need someone to volunteer to host us in Asheville. 

I can always host here and will probably do a demopalooza in September unless someone offers a venue.

Let me know.


Maggie said...

I've not been to your place and would love to see it and all your extra info!

Cindy said...

John, I have your book on order, and would be greatly interested in seeing the tiles you have stuck in boxes.

Can any potter come on that day/time, or is your club private?

John Britt said...

Clay Club is for anyone. It is usually the second Wednesday of the month. I have an email list if you want to be on it...send me your email.