Thursday, January 15, 2015

Odyssey ClayWorks Classes and Summer Workshops

Odyssey ClayWorks will be offering the following classes and workshops.  Please go to to sign up for classes or Call 828-285-0210.

Valentine's Day Pottery For Couples
Cayce Kolstad & Kelsey Sickmeyer
February 13
Friday, 7- 9pm
Cayce and Kelsey have a special treat in store for this Valentine's Day edition of Ready, Set, Throw. Come sip a glass of wine and nibble on chocolates while you and your partner explore the sensual aspects of clay. You can dig your hands in the clay, or work on a piece together. We'll even help you re-enact the scene from Ghost! We will glaze and fire the work for you, so you can have a permanent reminder of your passion for each other. A great date for couples who don't mind getting a little...dirty.
Level: All Levels, No Experience Necessary
Tuition: $85 Per Couple

Mold Making 101
Nick Moen
2-Day Workshop
February 7- 8
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Join Nick Moen as he presents a gentle introduction to plaster as a material, and the beauty of the mold making process. Over the weekend, students will make their own plaster molds that they will be able to take home and begin using in their own studios.
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $250 + $35 Lab Fee

Tricks of the Trade: Altered Forms
Deb Schwartzkopf 5-Day Workshop
May 25- 29
Monday- Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Break out of the round and experiment with creating more expressive, functional forms. Both those fluent in wheel throwing and handbuilding will benefit from blending the processes covered in this weeklong workshop. Playful, technique based exercises will hone skills of altering, attaching, and working with slabs to make interesting curvilinear and angled forms. Develop a variety of building blocks using templates, molds, and the wheel, then puzzle them all together into lively and curious shapes! Discussions about influences, idea building and surface decoration will round out this workshop.
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $545 + $50 Lab Fee

From The Garden To The TableBen Carter 5-Day Workshop
June 1-5
Monday- Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm
Taking inspiration from the beauty of southern gardens, participants will design dinnerware for sharing a large meal. A litany of forms will be explored to make a varied and dynamic table service. Ben will cover throwing, handbuilding, and mold making techniques as well as various forms of surface decoration including sgraffito drawing, underglaze painting, texture and stamps. Bring images of your favorite fruits, flowers and vegetables to inform your designs.
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $545 + $50 Lab Fee

Scaling Up: Handbuilding BigEric Knoche 5-Day Workshop
June 8- 12
Monday-Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Have you ever dreamed about making large work, but are not sure where to start? This workshop is all about handbuilding BIG work and the challenges and rewards that come with it. Topics will include choosing and preparing the right clay, designing a workable project with sketches and maquettes, engineering and reverse engineering the process, problem solving and repairs. We will also discuss making work for outdoors, and how to dry and fire large work.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $545 + $75 Lab Fee, Includes extra clay and firing


New Directions In China PaintingPaul Lewing 5-Day Workshop
July 13- 17
Monday- Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
For the ceramicist who is also a painter, china paint is the perfect medium. From brilliant color to subtle effects, china paint can do anything paint or ink can do, and it's the same color after firing. For this hands-on workshop we will do many firings, and go home with finished pieces. Explore materials and effects most potters have never heard of such as raised pastes, glass ice, chip-off powder and more. We will be using only non-toxic water based mediums. Open to all who are interested in learning painting techniques on clay. No clay experience necessary.
Level: All Levels, No Clay Experience Necessary
Tuition: $545 + $50 Lab Fee

The Potter's Brush: A Brush Making And Decorating WorkshopJoe Campbell 2 ½-Day Workshop
July 17- 19
Friday 6- 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:30am -4:30pm
Learn all about brush making and decorating the ceramic surface in this hands-on workshop. Join Joe Campbell as he shows you how to make and use beautiful brushes for underglaze, slips, and glazes. Workshop participants will create unique, handmade brushes, then practice using them with dexterity and flair.
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250 + $30 Lab Fee

 We're Only Human: The Expressive Figure
Magda Gluszek
5-Day Workshop
July 20- 24
Monday- Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Examine the human figure as a vehicle for personal expression in clay. We will discuss how historical and contemporary artists communicate content through gesture, expression, distortion and fragmentation. This class will feature a live model, with focus on basic proportions and anatomy. Learn solid-building techniques with a simple, removable armature, followed by hollowing and re-assembly of the sculpture. Ceramic and non-ceramic surfaces will be demonstrated.
Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $545 + $75 Lab & Model Fee

Serving Pieces: Two Approaches
Amy Sanders and Jennifer Mecca
2-Day Demonstration Workshop
August 1- 2
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Broaden your skills and learn new techniques while witnessing two unique approaches to working with clay. Jen will demonstrate throwing porcelain while Amy will be handbuilding with earthenware. Demonstrations will include building serving pieces such as baskets, trays, cake plates and bowls; also decorative mark making, glazing, firing and displaying. Participate in lively discussions about studio management, as well as balancing productivity and studio practices with limited studio time. This workshop is Demo Only.
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250, No Lab Fee


Wood Fired Pots: Reservation and Restraint
Bede Clarke
5-Day Workshop
August 17- 21
Monday- Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Investigate how your pots can be made special through understatement and restraint while building on your basic wheel throwing skills. Explore concepts such as altered forms, inverted throwing, gesture and "skin" of the pot. We will seek to improve throwing skills, but more, we will seek to clarify strategies for creating articulate pottery forms for wood firing. Work will be wood fired in the "Cougar" kiln in Hendersonville, NC.
Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $545 + $75 Lab Fee


 The Dynamic DecalJustin Rothshank
5-Day Workshop
August 31- September 4
Monday- Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm
Are you curious about integrating decals into your pottery or sculpture? This workshop will set you up for successfully transferring your own imagery onto ceramic surfaces. Topics will include image preparation, printing onto decal paper, transferring images onto greenware and glazed ware to create unique work. Justin will demonstrate layering, commercial decals, and firing temperatures for various types of decals. We will also examine low temperature salt fire as a means for finishing and creating additional layers of subtlety and depth.
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Tuition: $545 + $50 Lab Fee

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