Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ceramics in Tuscany V

Posting at the request of Marcia Selsor:

June 14-June 26, 2015
Hosted by Potters Council at La Meridiana

Italian Inspiration and Italian Techniques

Potters Council is excited to be going to Italy for the fifth time. Our past trips have proven that travel has always provided a source of inspiration for visual artists. Seeing new things even if they are antiquities can make your mind race with new ideas.The itinerary for this trip is designed to provide visual stimulation as a valuable teaching and learning tool for those interested in ceramics. This visual inspiration will be drawn upon when we reach the ceramic studio at La Meridiana, where you’ll enjoy three days in the studio learning from Pietro Maddalena, Paola Paronetto, and Marcia Selsor. You will also have the opportunities to see demonstrations outside of the studio from Monica Lazzerini and Saura Vignoli.

Deadline is February 13 to SAVE $555 on Registration

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