If you spray glazes....try the 3M PPS

If you spray glazes you may like this idea from Don Olliff in San Diego. He sprays with a low pressure high volume (HVLP) spray gun but has found that using the Liners and Caps ( Lids) from a 3M PPS system make it easy to spray, clean and store glazes.

I will let you investigate the system but you buy the liners (I think 50 in a pack) and then you get an adapter for your spray gun and then you can just fill the liners with glaze and when you are done glazing with that color you just take it out and set it aside, put in the next color (or liner) and glaze away. That way you don't need 5 guns to spray a sequence you just need 4 liners.  Also you can store
the glazes in the liners as they have caps which seal and keep them wet.

There are two sizes of liners, the one shown in the photos is the larger size. Don uses the smaller 6oz. size most of the time. He only uses the larger ones for glazes that he knows he will use many times. 

Adjusting the air pressure can make a big difference in the finished glaze. Especially with multiple layers of glazes.

I will include this link but you can just google to find a lot on it:


Here is some of Don's work. He is spraying a variety of glazes (Stephen Hill style):


Don would be happy to answer  your questions:  dolliff@att.net


Arlene said…
Can you explain further on the adjusting of the spray pressure when using multiple glazes?

Thank you,
John Britt said…
You may have to contact Don Olliff about that. He may respond?
Unknown said…
what type of compressor can be used with this gun?
John Britt said…
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John Britt said…
You just use a regular compressor ( you only need 20 - 40 psi as it uses a HVLP spray gun) and THEN you use these inserts.

John Britt said…
Don would be happy to answer your questions: dollar@att.net
dolliff said…
Hello. It’s been a long time since I checked this blog. We have since moved to Orcas Island in San Juan Islands in Washington State.
My new email address is drolliff@gmail.com

Arlene, The pressure is adjustable in at least two places on the HVLP spray guns. The best way to learn about the adjustments is to fill the cup with water and spray against a board to see how the adjustments change the spray patterns. After that testing you will need to adjust before application to your work with the glaze since the glaze will be thicker than water. I usually test spray against the side of the spray booth just before I start to apply the glazes to my pieces. If you have more questions let me know.

Don Olliff