Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard Fire Bricks Needed

I need about 50-100 used hard firebricks (straights)
to complete the firebox rebuild on my wood-fired kiln.  Email or call with number available, condition, price and location.
David Voorhees


Anonymous said...

check with David Garner at turn and burn pottery in seagrove nc. i think he has some for sale.

David Voorhees said...

Thanks for the lead. I found the bricks I need in Penland. Norm Schulman's wood-fired kiln is being dismantled and sold off piecemeal. I'm honored to have some of Norm's bricks and spirit in my kiln! In that vien, I stopped at several pottery friends' studios in the area and requested a one brick contribution to my kiln rebuilding project. Thanks, David Ross, Joy Tanner/Will Baker, Shawn Ireland, John Britt, and John Hartom/Lisa Blackburn for bricks and spirit!!