Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Honoring Tracy Dotson with pots for the Pines at Penland

With apologies for not posting this sooner, Susan Feagin shared this message from Penland Executive Directer Jean McLaughlin. Tracy Dotson (pictured here watching a Penland 4th of July parade a few years back) was a Clay Clubber from way back and here is a way to remember him by making a pot (or a tax-deductible donation for a commissioned pot) for the Pines dining hall and kitchen at Penland. Thanks to Tracy's daughter Day for this wonderful idea.

Hello staff, residents, and core,

A spirited and moving tribute to Tracy Dotson’s life took place at the Penland portico on Saturday afternoon. To help us all remember and honor her father, Day asked that we send a note inviting you to consider making or contributing, in Tracy’s memory, handmade pots for the Pines dining hall. She said that the real need is medium and large bowls with straight, thick sides. And, if you are so inclined, she also said cash donations would be welcomed and she would use the funds to commission pots for the Pines kitchen.

Just deliver the pots to the Pines or mail a gift to Day Dotson, c/o Penland. If you want your gift to be tax deductible, make a check to Penland and indicate it is in honor of Tracy and we will get the funds to Day for the Pines pot project.

Many thanks,

Jean W. McLaughlin
Penland School of Crafts
P.O. Box 37, Penland, NC 28765
828-765-2359 x 109

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