Thursday, February 25, 2016

Potters of the Blue Ridge take part in teapot challenge for Empty Bowls

From High Country Press:

The Potters of the Blue Ridge members were all smiles as they prepped for the Teapot Challenge on a recent evening at Doe Ridge Pottery below King Street. The Teapot Challenge is a recurring benefit for the annual Empty Bowls event at Watauga High School, which takes place on Saturday, March 19.

About 10 local potters gathered in the downtown Boone pottery shop and exchanged handcrafted teapot parts. All the potters crafted the individual parts, and then the members randomly selected the various parts, such as the handle, spout, body and lid, to form a unique teapot.

Basically, the only rule is that no one is allowed to use a part they made for their finished, charity teapot.

“It sort of an exercise in trying to get people out of their comfort zone when making things,” Doe Ridge Pottery owner Bob Meier said prior to the event.

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