Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ceramic equipment and property with ceramic studio for sale in Arden, North Carolina

Hank Goodman is selling his property in Arden, NC, and it includes a ceramic studio. Hank says it would be a great place for a younger potter to walk in and get to work. You can view the property here:

He is also selling the ceramic equipment listed below. Contact Hank at 828-458-1478 or for additional information.

Equipment for sale:

7 Bailey ware carts 32x24” board space

4 Axner ware carts 32xz32” board space

Peter Pugger Clay mixer 100 lb. dry capacity

Van Ho deairing Pug mill 2500 llb/hr capability 5

55 gallon slip mixer with pneumatic pump

30 ton Ram press with dies, die racks, lift dolly and catch boards

Fiber car kiln with 2 forced air gas burners 55 cubic feet of stacking space

52 14x28” nitrate bonded silicon carbide shelves

L&L DaVinci X3227-D 20 cubic foot electric kiln

Numerous steel shelving units

Vacuum packing machine with film and boards

Pottery grinders, electric jack hammer and numerous tools

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