Recap: June Clay Club at Reems Creek Pottery

Thank you Rachel Smith, Jim McDowell and everyone at Reems Creek Pottery for hosting an awesome Clay Club!

Rachel told us a little of the history of the location of Reems Creek Pottery. (The space was once a wood drying kiln for Lane furniture!) She talked about deciding to start the studio and everything they've done to transform the space into a working pottery studio. Reems Creek Pottery is a shared pottery studio with space for five studio potters and small classes. They have a gallery, too. Check out the photos below - it's a terrific space!

Rachel talked about the found items she uses as texture tools, which started a more general discussion of what folks use in place of store-bought ($$) ceramic texture tools. One I liked was a child's lace hat that I think Rachel said she paid less than a dollar for at a yard sale. She also talked about using a hot-glue gun to make texture tools - here's a blog post by Emily Murphy on how to do that:

Rachel talked about how she uses Facebook to promote Reems Creek Pottery and events at the studio. Check out the photos of Clay Club she posted on the Reems Creek Pottery page:

She also talked about the many pottery and ceramic Facebook pottery and ceramic groups and how helpful they can be for networking, troubleshooting and more. Here's a (super helpful!) list of Facebook groups Rachel provided:

Amaco 5/6 exchange:
Open group. Just about Amaco cone 5/6 glazes. (Public group, just click and you are joined. Almost 5,000 members.)

ClayConFlab for Handbuilders:
(Closed Group. Just ask to be added.)

Clay Buddies:
(Closed Group. Ask to be added. Almost 13,000 members (worldwide). Lots to see and learn.)

The Potters Attic:
Great place to post unwanted tools, look for used wheels, kilns, books and
more. (Public Group)

Tim See who is a big presence on Facebook pottery has created a list of about 30 pottery Facebook groups - here is a link to that list and descriptions of each group:

Thanks again to Rachel, Jim and everyone who came!