Kiln brick for sale in Seagrove, North Carolina

Update: the kiln brick has been sold, but see Mark's comment below about more brick he has for sale.

Here are the details from Mark Heywood:

Kiln brick for sale. From the floor up.
Six ft. by six ft., 52-1/2" to buttress - about ten inch rise in the arch.
First three courses are Clipper bricks, the rest are all insulating bricks.
IFB door bricks and arch form included.
You disassemble and move. $200.00
Low pressure, homemade burners with regulators available.

For more info contact Mark at Whynot Pottery, Seagrove, N.C.
I DO NOT use Facebook Messenger. Email me directly at or call (336-873-9276).


MH said…
Sorry folks - It's sold as of this A.M.
I have other bricks for sale but have not gotten them sorted out yet. Many new and unused many more lightly used. All hardbrick. Will post when sorted but you can call for more info. I'd like to sell all at one time to one buyer or collective buyer.

Mark Heywood
Whynot Pottery