Friday, September 8, 2017

Elements for sale

I have a set of 6 elements, pre-stretched, to fit an L&L J230 or comparable. (7 cubic)
The following is what L&L says about this element:

part no. E-J-2300/30
Jupiter, Econo-Kiln and K Model JD23, JD230, JD236, JD245, J23, J230, J236, J245, K23, K230 240 Volt/1 & 3 Phase Small Standard Element (.34" Outside Diameter) - Used on All JD2300 & J2300 Series Kilns at this Voltage without a "V" designation in the Model Number and with a Serial Number preceding "010196-A" (Made before January 1, 1996). Also used on K23 and K230 Kilns.

Element Voltage: 240
Element Size: Small (.38" OD, Prior 1996)
Element Alloy: Kanthal A1
Element Wiring: Parallel

Configuration: Two Rows of Elements per 9" Section

They cost me 240 w s/h. Call or e-mail please to arrange pick up, here in Old Fort or possible meet in Asheville.  $200.00   828-337-0992   Maggie

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