Sculptural Surfaces Workshop Workshop Southern California -Feb.12-16, 2018

Los Angeles Sculptural Glaze Workshop

February 12- 16, 2018

Five Day-Sculptural Ceramic Surface Glaze Testing Workshop
This is a 5-day glaze testing workshop designed to show students how to test a base recipe and get various colors (color blend) as well as vary the strength of colors (progression test). We will also run other tests as the group decides, like a 50%/50% volumetric blends, line blend, triaxial, and then some work with slips, terra sigillatas, and washes as well as high temp pencils, pastels and other specialty things if the group wants. (Other non-firing possibilities may include: graphite with hot wax, acrylics, distressing, sandblasting, acid washes, etc.)
 It will also be a general overview of ceramic glazes, focusing on but not limited to low fire and cone 6 glazes. It is designed for beginner to intermediate potters. We will discuss clays, slips, cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles to achieve a variety of sculptural glaze surfaces.
These will be non-functional glazes for sculptural pieces only. There is no concern for functional glazes. These are often patinas or even painted surfaces.

Cost: $450 plus $50 lab and firing fee.
Registration requires full non-refundable payment.  (If you cannot attend you will only be refunded if we find a replacement on the waiting list.)

For more information contact:
Richard Kopcho – 310-200-4171 or
Eugene Daub – 310-872-9854 or
John Britt – 828-467-5020
I can email a schedule of the workshop upon request as well as supply list.
Location:  Blue Water Clay Studio