New Kazegama Class at TVPCC with Tori Motyl



Pots for the Kazegama Kiln

with Tori Motyl

When: Tuesdays from 2:00 - 4:30pm, 8 weeks
Start Date: January 19th - March 2, (last day is firing day, depends on weather)
Fee: $445
Materials Fee: $50
Register/More Info:
Bring in 2021 with an exciting adventure! This class is for the quintessential adventuresome potter. Together with Tori you will explore making forms that love soda and wood ash. You will learn about flashing slips, and prepping your pots for the 12 hour wild trip in the Kazegama kiln. Our Kazegama kiln is a forced air, propane fueled, cross draft kiln and you will have the full experience through the firing. When the kiln gets to cone 9 we will introduce wood ash and sodium carbonate into the kiln creating the amazing effects of wood and soda. We will make pottery in a variety of cone 10 clays and discuss the different challenges that we are likely to encounter while firing such an exciting kiln! We will be throwing thick incorporating liner glazes and flashing slips. Come ready to shake up your work and experiment in new styles! Not all pots make it in this wild kiln but when they do it is exhilarating! 
So, come ready to work hard during the prepping, loading, firing, unloading and clean up of this kiln. We will work in teams. You will most likely experience some loss as such a turbulent kiln environment created by the strong heat currents can cause problems during firing. 
Materials fee includes flashing slips, liner glazes and firing.
Students are asked to provide their own throwing tools, towels, and apron. 

The class includes your first 25 lbs. of clay and 12 hours of Open Studio (Fri-Sun). Additional Open Studio hours may be purchased for $10/hour for enrolled students.