Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Jeff Kleckner tribute update from Terry Gess

A Jeff Kleckner tribute update from Terry Gess:

As you might recall, we lost the very fine potter Jeff Kleckner a while back. The good news is that a man who taught at the college with Jeff - (novice potter, English professor) - was able to buy Jeff’s studio and all of its contents (including the leaky roof... and a reprieve on the 35-years of sewer bills that the city realized had never been mailed out!)

He and his wife are working on archiving Jeff’s career and the contents of Jeff’s amazing studio building in Bethlehem, PA. They intend to turn Jeff’s fab building into a neighborhood clay space with a focus on supporting the local low income neighborhood. They are off to a great start. Seems to me like it is an unbelievably rich conclusion and tribute to Jeff’s memory - who could ask for anything greater.

They’re documenting the progress & process on Instagram: #klecknerworkshop

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