Free Equipment - Rosman

 Hi, I'm a potter at Mud Dabbers in Brevard. I have equipment that I'd like to give to someone who will meet me at my storage locker in Rosman to pick them up. I have a wooden treadle wheel and the mechanism for a 48 inch Bailey slab roller. Both need carpentry to get up to functionality.

I got the slab roller about 10 years ago when I first got into pottery. The wooden table it came on was falling apart. The mechanism of the roller works just fine. I got the treadle wheel from another potter last year, he closed down his home studio in the wake of a divorce. He was threatening to bring it to the dump. It needs the flywheel basin to be rebuilt, but everything else is in great condition. 

I finally realized that I'm not going to do the carpentry for either in the next couple of years. Instead of them just collecting dust in my storage locker for who knows how much longer, I'd rather find them a good home now. I have more pictures of both that I can send you, just get in touch.

My only stipulations are the person who gets one gets both at the same time and that they need to come with a pickup or other such conveyance.  The treadle wheel needs at least two adults to load(myself included) and while a hand truck wouldn't be necessary to move the mechanism, it WAS handy. 

cell: 619-708-1550