Large collection of books available

I’m a volunteer at the Book Cellar in Burnsville (on the square). We received a vast, deep collection of pottery specific books (6 crates) last week. These are very specific, niche “how to” books. Please let everyone know this special collection is available for very meager/reasonable donations to the Friends of the Yancey County Library. We’d like to get them in the hot hands of people who can use them! 

Adriane Panciera 

The shop (on the main square)  is open 11-3 Monday-
By donation (cash or local check only) 


Do you have Paulus Berensohn's book, Finding One's way with Clay? I'm looking for the original edition. I have the 1972 edition and the photographs are not as nice. Thank you!
John Britt said…
You need to contact the Book Cellar.