Soda Firing Workshop 2024

Soda Firing Workshop

with Joy Tanner and William Baker

Wood Song Pottery, Bakersville, NC

Summer Workshop

August 2 - 4, 2024

Fall Workshop:

October 25-27, 2024

This 3 day weekend workshop will allow participants the opportunity to engage deeply with the soda firing process, using a gas fired soda kiln that holds about 20 cubic feet of pottery and will be fired to Cone 10.  Participants will bring their already made bisqueware ( Cone 10 clay ) to the studio and will join in the entire process including glazing, loading, and firing.

This small group workshop experience is ideal for those who want to learn about soda firing and be a part of the firing process. Open to curious students who are new to soda firing or have experience. Participants can be around for as much or little of the firing as they wish. It is approximately a 24 hour firing. The overnight process consists of a couple gas turn ups, and will be done by Joy and Will with the conclusion of the firing scheduled for Sunday morning/early afternoon. Participants are not required but are invited to be present for the final hours of the firing.

Workshop Schedule:

Friday: 9-4 pm

-Glaze and wad pots.

-Discussions on using and applying flashing slips and glazes for decorating your pots.

Saturday: 9 - 4 pm

 -Morning load kiln

-Begin firing afternoon through overnight

-Available time after loading could be open to demos, soda kiln discussion, self-guided studio tours in the area, and free time.

Sunday: 9- ?

-Complete the soda firing around mid day

Kiln Unloading

This will be the following week on Saturday at 10 am: Return the following weekend for the kiln unloading, or make other arrangements to retrieve
your work from the kiln

Cost: 3 day workshop is $400

Includes: Up to 3-4 cubic feet of kiln space for your bisqueware, use of our flashing slips, glazes, and wadding, discussions about using and applying flashing slips, glazes, and active participation in the loading and the firing of the soda kiln.

Additional Information:

Lodging and meals are not provided, it is recommended to bring your own lunch and snacks. We are 10 minutes from Penland School of Craft and many other artist studios and galleries in our area that you can visit!

Interested in participating in an October soda firing workshop, October 25-27?

Let us know!

Wood Song Pottery

524 Wilson Road

Bakersville, NC 28705