Clay Clubbers Kickin' It

Will Baker Ball-Breaker, Lindsay Rockin' Rogers, Emily the Wrong Reason and Molly Midwestern Irish Flannegan kickin' it at French Broad Friday in Marshall. Thanks for coming out y'all!
We made kiln pizzas that night which gave me an idear... "Kiln Cooking Cookbook." (kiln as method of cooking not required, but is a plus!)
What do you think, Compile our favorite recipes (food that is) at the next Clay Club meeting, throw in a couple bucks and get a spiral book-thingy printed for all to enjoy!?


Dan Finnegan said…
I once built an oven for roasting chestnuts that was attached to the firebox of a wood kiln. Tasty!
Clay Club said…
Dan's conribution will be his chestnut/ kiln hybrid design