Maiden Voyage

For me, at least. I've met some of you at the last 2 meetings. I bought the Craven's old place in South Toe, complete with this behemoth 18 cu ft kiln. I'm firing it for the first time tomorrow. I must admit that this is the most exciting thing I've done in a long time!
A special "Thank You" to John Britt for coming by and sharing his wealth of firing knowledge earlier this week. Stop by if you're in the area. I'll take any firing advice and support you have.


Marcey said…
Geez! That kiln is huge, not at all what I pictured. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I call dibs on one of the large pots...if only I can figure out how to get it to Colorado!
Good Luck, I'll wander up if I get the chance
John Britt said…

Thanks for the post and call me if you need help,

( But you will do fine!)

John Britt
Linda Starr said…
What a beautiful load that looks, good luck.