Speed Bump

Sometimes things just don't turn out like you expect. Monday morning I woke up with food poisoning. Tuesday night I checked into the emergency room and had my appendix out early Wednesday morning. So much for the food poisoning self- diagnosis. Because of large amounts of infection and the compromise of some other organs that I'd like to keep, they kept me there until this morning on IV antibiotics. But I'm home now! I cannot pick up more than 15 pounds for a month, but I hope I'm finally on the mend.

I have no idea yet what I'm going to be able to do about the tour. When I left the studio on Sunday night I had all the pots I needed thrown and a couple dozen under plastic still to trim. If anyone has an hour to help me load a bisque kiln or mix up a glaze in the next week I'm going to take all the help I can get. I can't lift more than 15 pounds for a month. It might be the glazing that does me it. There's probably just too much time in that.

See you all soon!

Sarah House


Kari Weaver said…
Sorry to hear about your illness. I will be around Monday (firing a bisque myself) and most of Tuesday. I'll call you after I drop the kids off tomorrow to see how I can help.

John Britt said…
I will email you,

i'm hopefully firing tomorrow, but i can come down and help you anytime.
call me.