Another Free Wheel

Here is another FREE WHEEL for someone, just in time for Christmas!!

It is a cute little treadle. (maybe good for Michael Kline's littles ones. You could set it up in the studio me and mini-me.)

Come on by and load'er up,

John Britt


klineola said…
OOO, if only my truck weren't full of the garbage I was supposed to take to the dump for the last month. I'll give a holler in the a.m. to see if you still have it. Looks great!
John Britt said…
I think it is right up your alley.
John Britt said…
Hold -for Michael Kline's girls.
klineola said…
They already love using my treadle wheel. Unfortunately I have to do the kicking.

Thanks hombre!
If this is still available I'm recently out of work trying to get started back in pottery and could use it!
John Britt said…

Sorry, Michael has dibs. But if I come across another!
Thanks John,
I appreciate the help, getting a studio back together on a budget is challenging to say the least. Feel free to email or call.