Mitchell County 24" er

Yo Clubber's,

We had about 24" of snow here in Mitchell County on Friday and Saturday.

There is something to be said for over building.

That is a lot of snow and a lot of weight on a kiln yard shed roof.

Glad we have the structure to support it!

John Britt


Kari Weaver said…
We *only* got about a foot out here in Micaville. And we just bought a Prius to replace my van that died. Fat lot of good it's doing me. I'm saving my money for a Subaru for next year!
John Britt said…
You will save a lot of money on gas driving a Prius ...that remains in a snow bank!

Luckly we only get this much snow once in a while.

You will be out and running soon!
I hope Cheryl's recovery is quick and easy. Just got out of my house today. Was one of the lucky power stayed on (shhhh! Don't want to anger the power gods). Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!
John Britt said…

Heard Asheville had it pretty bad! Glad you have heat!