Monday, June 14, 2010

Working Potter's ITC recipe

Here is a recipe for a coating, similar to ITC, but you can make yourself.  It is from Tony Clennell who posted it on Clayart and I thought that some of our readers might like it;

Working Potters ITC formula. 
I put this over the castable in my throat arch-
a place that takes a real beating. Al Tennant has also used it on his
train kiln and the one he built for Amy Kiline at Pottery West. He
swears by it. (If you know Al he swears most of the time.)
2 parts Alumina Hydrate
2 parts 35 mesh Kyanite
2 parts Zirconium (Zircopax, Opax)this is expensive!
1 part Vee gum T
I use weight and not volume

Bon feu!
Tony Clennell


Unknown said...

just curious...
part of the comment after the Zirconium line is cut off. I'm wondering what the rest of that line is...?

John Britt said...

Fixed it. Expensive!

Unknown said...

of course, that figures.

thanks John, very useful information.

Karl said...

How much water do you mix this with before applying - like a slip to brush on or thicker and trowel it into place. Thanks for this nice idea!

John Britt said...

Karl, You will have to figure that out. Or ask Tony Clennell. I always apply thin!!! Very thin and spray it on.