Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kiln for Sale

For sale: a new cone 10 Caldera test kiln with a sentry xpress controller (digital) made by Paragon. It has been fired to cone 06 once. The kiln fires on 120 volts to 2350 degrees F. You can fire it in ramp-hold or cone-fire. All firing info and the operating book is with it. You may check the website below to see pictures of the kiln. (Two of the corners on the kiln top have a little bit of crumbled brick which happened when it was shipped. It does not affect the firing at all.) This is a very small and very portable test kiln. Firing chamber is 8”x8” wide and 6 ¾ “ deep.

This kiln belongs to Mint Hill Arts Pottery 51 but they have decided they need other things more than the test kiln, so they have decided to sell it. It is made for slumping glass jewelry, silver clay, beads, or for testing cone 6 or 10 electric glazes.

The Paragon price new is $550.00 with the furniture kit plus they charge $25.00 shipping, so the total from Paragon is $575.00. This kiln for sale does not have furniture but you can get it for $25.00 from Paragon. We are asking $475.00.

If interested, contact me at or call 704-753-4673.

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