Friday, July 16, 2010

okinawa glaze materials

While walking through Tsuboya Pottery Village in Okinawa yesterday we saw lots of wild things. One thing that really struck me was this one pottery shop which also sold glaze materials. Everything was in Japanese and I couldn't read any of it, but even looking at the materials- I thought, what do you do with this??
Bags of metal shavings, and cones which were not labeled.
I mean- you have to keep track of your cones??
We went into a few shops that hap pots from 16C. I can't wait until my translator gets here because I wasn't able to really talk to folks about what we were seeing.
Below is a picture of an original Tsuboya kiln- obviously not still in use, but it's lovely. I can't get over these tile roofs! For a kiln shed! Sayonara for now, but I'm looking forward to sharing what we see when we get back!


Emily Reason said...

Awesome. Have a great time! Keep posting!

Michael Kline said...


But does this mean you'll up the ante with a clay tile roof?

Just when I was catching up with you...