Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Claymakers Goes Not-for Profit

Just wanted to announce the CLAYMAKERS  in Durham is going Not -for -Profit.

I really appreciate the wonderful environment that Catherine Lidov has fostered at Claymakers since taking the reins in 2008. They have a strong, stable pottery community and want to want to keep it strong as well as built on it. Catherine's goal from the start was for Claymakers to become a non-profit. So now is the time!

Claymakers currently earns 90% of it's expenses so they run lean. As a non-profit hey'll be able to seek grants and donations to guarantee Claymakers continued service to the pottery community.

If you want to know more about what is happening check out this page:  Claymakers Arts Community

You could also contact David Freeman to ask more about what is up and how you can help.


John Britt

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Liz Paley said...

Thanks, John, for posting this. I started out at Claymakers as a student in 2002 and am now a teacher there (and still an occasional student--I enjoyed your workshop there last month!), as well as a member of the nonprofit board. We're very excited about this change, as Claymakers has always been more about mission and community than about profits, and becoming a nonprofit will make that orientation more explicit. As you wrote, it will also allow donations and grants to fill the gap between revenue and expenses, so that Claymakers can solidify and expand its services. Thanks for encouraging Clay Clubbers to check us out!