Sunday, November 20, 2011

Studio Stuff For Sale 2011

 Kiln For Sale

1.   30 cubic ft. stacking space gas car kiln for $3500 .  This includes the forced-air burners, all bricks although some will be in pieces when the arch collapses but many will be fine and all the metal infrastructure. Also a digital pyrometer is included.

2.  There are 11 x 18 silicon carbide shelves at $20 a piece.

3.  Cone 10 Trina Buff clay at 0.20 a pound. (about 500# remains)
4.  50 lb. bags of Gerstley Borate at $40 each.

 My email is and my phone is 828.696.8121. Call for address and directions.

Thank you,  Jody Temple

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