Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo set-up

For all those of you who missed out class, here is the set up:

Here is another way we did it courtesy of Marian Parkes and Michael Coffee:

I will take a photo of the pvc stand when I get it back from Joy (unless someone else has an image?).


cookingwithgas said...

John- my eyes will just not do the red on gray- do you have another favorite color?!

Maggie said...

I like that second one. What type of bulbs did you use?? wattage and color?
Thanks Britt, you are a treasure.

John Britt said...

Just clear photo floods from Walmart 200 - 300 watts.

Troy Amastar said...

Please tell me what you use for the it from a photography supply store? What does it cost? THANKS!

John Britt said...

• Graduated Paper,
(Photo Tech, Inc. St Paul, MN) around $62.50 for a 42” x 62” backdrop (plus $9.50 delivery), $32.00 for smaller size, comes in white to black, or gray to black.

Maggie said...

The graduated photo paper leaves me frustrated because I would scratch and ruin it with the first pot I know. I have used a vinyl for quite a while which can be washed and is tuff. get the graduation I need a long sweep which takes up too much 6-9 ft. The 2nd setup shown has a shorter sweep...what is that? Lighting is everything and bouncing is a real key.
I am sorry I was not able to come to your sessions...woulda if I coulda!

John Britt said...

Every pot has to be on a small foam pads!!!!!!!!!!

Katharine Wilson said...

And five years after the above posts this is one of the places my online search for a graduated background brought me and it still had the best advice. The foam pads - genius John Britt! The 42" x 62" Varitone graduated background is still sold by Photo Tech. $62.40 (Ten cents less) and $15 for shipping (Five dollars more).

I went with A Flotone graduated background from B+H in NYC. The 42" x 62" is 69.95 + $10 shipping to the Bakersville, NC area. I purchased the smaller version - 31" x 43" and it was $34.99 with free next day shipping. I chose the Flotone because of the free shipping and the durability described below.

From the website: This 31 x 43" Thunder Gray to White Graduated Background from Flotone is made of PVC material with smooth gradation that affords interesting lighting effects. Each sheet is individually handmade to achieve a silky matte, non-glare surface.

The material and colors do not absorb water, so they can be used with ice cubes, fruit, flowers etc. They can be cleaned with a mild soap solution and soft cloth, making Flotone reusable.

John Britt said...

Only thing I do differently now is use my phone instead of a special camera!