Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My new favorite cup

My new favorite cup from our Glazing Techniques class 2012.
Kuan Crackle cone 10

79.0 % Custer Feldspar
  9.5% Whiting
  9.5% Silica
  2.0% Bone Ash

Add: 10 % zircopax
        2.0% Bentonite

Fire to cone 10 then stain with India Ink


Diane Puckett said...

Love it! Wow!

Sadhana said...

Just love it!
Can you tell me is 'cluster feldspar' the same as either potash feldspar or soda feldspar? Or another one again?

John Britt said...

Custer is a potash feldspar.

Anonymous said...

What can I use to make the lines permanent? Won' the ink wash out?

John Britt said...

The ink never washed out for me, but if you can use ball milled iron or some very fine colorant and then refire it to seal it in.

Carolanne Currier said...

Nice John! Looks like an extra thick application? SG = 140-ish?

John Britt said...

Carolanne, probably and two thick coats.