Friday, March 9, 2012

Celadon with Black drips....

Susan Hall - Cup with Bray Black Wax and then Sam's Satin over.

Archie Bray Black Slip cone 10
80 Alberta Slip
20 Ball Clay

7.8 Chrome Oxide
1.7 Cobalt Oxide
1.7 Red Iron Oxide
2.0 Bentonite 

1 part Archie Bray Black
1 part wax
Sam’s Satin Celadon Cone 10 Reduction
40.00     Custer Feldspar

34.50     Silica
15.50     Whiting
  6.00      Dolomite
  4.00      Barium Carbonate
    0.25    Yellow Iron Oxide 


Mia said...

Hi, John, I am looking for this dripping Celadon but have to be fired under the Reduction C-10 to obtainning this result?

I like to experimenting cone 6 Oxi for this type of dripping celadon color.... can be ????

John Britt said...

Mia, Try Chun Glaze. Do you have that recipe ? Use blue stain 5%

yolande clark said...

Beautiful glaze--thanks for sharing!

Mia said...

Hi,John, I got your recipe in a
workshop book. △6 Chun Cleladon base. blue-cobalt + ?

Thank you~~