Saturday, March 10, 2012

VC Matte with 7.5% Tin Oxide and 0.2% Chrome Oxide

Mary Jane Findley's tests:

V.C. Matte cone 6 Electric

40.0 Nepheline Syenite
8.0 Whiting
14.0 Silica
10.0 Kaolin
10.0 Gerstley Borate
8.0 Lithium Carbonate

10% Titanium Dioxide

Tin 7.5 %
Chrome Oxide 0.2%


Bonnie Hotz said...

That is pretty uncanny. I am trying to create a glaze very similar to this one, but at cone 10. We had one like this in the Santa Monica Potter's Studio 25 years ago when I was just beginning my adventures with clay. I have your book and just mixed up a test for haystack orange; hoping it would be similar. (Haven't fired it yet.) Would you mind reposting this glaze with a cone 10 formula? Thank you very much and thank you for your wonderful book!

John Britt said...

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest this one:

VC Matte Cone 10
24.2 Nepheline Syenite
24.2 F-4 Feldspar
15.6 Silica
9.0 Whiting
11.1 EPK
11.0 Gerstley Borate
4.9 Lithium Carbonate

10 Titanium Dioxide

Let me know if it works. Titanium can be more or less. Remember the Colorants and stains.

Bonnie Hotz said...

I will let you know. Thank you. I realized there was a VC Matte Cone 10 recipe after I posted.

Anonymous said...

Was this fired ox or reduction?

John Britt said...


bonnie Hotz said...

Didn't test your suggestion after all. I didn't have lith carb or tit. dioxide on my shelves. 3 hr. rt to get supplies in my neck of the woods. Thanks again.