Sunday, March 25, 2012

Classes at Wildacres

Passing this along for my Dad at Wildacres. Maybe you want to try out something new!

Try It On
This is a brand new program at Wildacres. We are gathering great teachers for a variety of programs and classes where you have the opportunity to try something new.
The session will begin on Monday, April 23 with registration beginning at 3:30 and will end after breakfast on Thursday, April 26. On Monday evening we will have a overview of the programs being offered and you will be able to meet and discuss the classes with the instructors. On Tuesday and Wednesday, classes will be offered throughout the day and you will be able to choose what programs you wish to attend. We may also have hikes or tours of the area attractions and craft studios if there are those interested.
Currently we have instructors for pottery, sculpture, writing, songwriting, organic gardening, and storytelling. We are talking to instructors about painting, mushrooms, printmaking and other things.

They also offer a twice yearly Gathering where each participant comes with their own project and there is no set programing. The clay studio is available during these weeks, but spots there usually fill up fast!

Visit to register or sign up for their newsletter!

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