Clay Club TRAC Show Comes down September 25, 2012

Yo Clubbers,

The amazing and most wonderful TRAC Show of the Clay Club will end September 22, 2012 but has to be taken down September 25 at 10:00 a.m. - whenever.  So if you can plan on being there or having someone be there to take your work it would be great.

TRAC has to set up the next show and can't store the work so it is imperative the we cooperate and pick up the work.

I will see you there and thanks to everyone who helped plan, apply, set-up the show and now to those who are taking it down. It has been great to show everyone what the Clay Club can do!

Call me if you have life and death problems.

If anyone can come and help - we will need it!  Tria, Amy, Nelle, Kari, Kathryn, Pat and Erin, etc. worked very hard setting up the show and now if we are the only ones to tear the show down, it won't be right!

Please consider helping us out. 10:00 a.m. Tuesday September 25, 2012.

John Britt