Equipment for sale 2012

I'm retiring due to health reasons. Located in Stockbridge, Georgia - Atlanta area.
near I-675.

Bailey Pro-X WHEEL: $425.00 with stand-up leg extensions, 13" wheelhead,
reversing switch, adjustable shelf bracket, centers 50

Envirovent KILN VENT $125

EXTRUDER Axner Avalanche, with multiple dies $175, like new


Axner POWER ARM with Centering blade, 2 Jiggering profile
tools , 2 corresponding bats, wheel brackets. Costs over $500 new. Sell for $200, like new

Many PLASTIC BATS: 7-1/2" Square $2 each, 12? round $3

Various HYDRO-BATS and Large Plaster Bats

Dolan TOOLS, MKM and Sherril RIBS: sell for half of original

Shimpo BW-25H BANDING WHEEL: $43

Steel Lab SIEVE- Screen Size: 80 Mesh $20

Ohaus 700 Triple Beam SCALE $60

SPRAY BOOTH FAN 12? Dayton Tube Axial fan for Hazardous
locations: $250

Aluminum reusable SPRAY BOOTH FILTER: $20 (new)

Gravity Feed SPRAY GUN: $12


Paasche AIRBRUSH H: $30

Paasche 62 SPRAYER: $20

Lehman Reversable SLIP CASTER RD30 - used, Costs $1,320.00,
sell $250

White Earthenware Liquid SLIP made with NY Talc (2.5 gallon box) $3 per box

Kiln shelf supports $0.25 each. 1/2? to 6?

If interested please call Gayle Pritchard at 770-464-4401,
or send e-mail to