Kiln and Slab Roller for sale - Asheville area SOLD!!!!

SMALL KILN FOR SALE: Skutt 181 Kiln, AKA Little Bisque Workhorse, AKA "Baby Smurf".  Footprint: 31" High, 26" diameter; interior: 18" high x 16" diameter (15.5" shelf).  Manual knobs (L,M,H), kiln-sitter, Power 20 Amps, new plug 2010. Used infrequently in last two years, I have only used at Cone 04, previous owner said it goes to 5/6 OK. Four peeps, three full shelves, one half shelf, three each of standard post sizes. Various cones. I paid $300 w/out any furniture or peeps, will sell with all accessories for $295.00.  Pick up in River Arts District. Greg 828 707 1641.

SLAB ROLLER FOR SALE: Brent SRC (cable-style), 30" wide x 50" long x 36" high, with 6 shims (for raising/lowering slab height). In River Arts District. $500.00. Laura SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!