Saturday, May 11, 2013

TIm Rowan Workshop in NJ


MAY 18 & 19

Workshop At The Peter Callas Studio Belvidere, New Jersey
At this two day workshop May 18 & 19th 10AM - 4 PM, Tim Rowan will make signature pieces, boxes, and some cups... with his "Funky Clay" and talk about the aesthetics and challenges of making this style of work. He will also discuss fired examples, and give a slide talk on his work. Tim has a masterful touch that exemplifies his mindset and unconventional use of materials,. He uses imagery that cuts into connecting past and present, and invariably has us listening to his inner voice. His vision merges expressive forms into personnel commentaries and sculptural dialogue with recognizable references. His educational training began in Japan apprenticing in Bizen under Ryuichi Kakurezaki from 1992-1994. He later received his MFA with Chris Staley at Penn State in 1999. Tim currently lives and works in Upstate, NY.

For more on Tim: Tim Rowan Website

Registration Fee. $225 REGISTER HERE

Make Checks Payable To: Peter Callas

Peter Callas
One Orchard Street
Belvidere, NJ 07823 Tel: 908-475-8907


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