Monday, May 27, 2013

Giffin Grip for Sale BOTH HAVE SOLD - thanks!

I'm paring down things in my studio and am selling a fairly new, excellent condition Giffin Grip.  Bought just before the change to the new blue sliders so the old style sliders and a set of the new sliders are both included.  Rarely used so it's in great shape.  $90.00

I also have an upgrade kit available for sale. This upgrades an older Giffin Grip to the current version.  It includes three new taller blue sliders, all of the hands and rods, shims and O-ring, and the new improved bottom brackets.  $30.00 for all.  (bought because I lost all the parts once, replaced them, and then found them all again)

I'd prefer to sell to someone in Western North Carolina to avoid having to ship them.  But if you'd like either of the items and don't live in the area, we can talk shipping!  Price won't include anything other than local pick up.

Thanks for considering!

Marian Parkes
mlparkes (at)

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