Wednesday, May 1, 2013



We have uploaded the May 2013 issue of Carolina Arts - all 88 pages. Yes, more and more all the time - the most ever.

Here's a link to that download (it will take several minutes to download ( Downloading the entire PDF file to your desktop is the best way to view the paper - then you can enlarge the page to any size you like. And, you will be able to check it out from time to time without having to download it again.

Last month's cover featuring works by Jane Filer was our most popular cover ever. Does that sound familiar? It should - I said the same thing last month. Of course you can read all about that in my commentary. We also set a new record for downloads last month.

If you are receiving this because you are on someone else's list, you can send us an e-mail to ( to be placed on our main list, so you can make sure you will get a notice of every new issue.

If you like what you see and decide that you want to participate in our next issue - either with content or to advertise an exhibit, a visual art event or your art - our deadline for the June 2013 issue will be May 24 at 5pm. Here's a link to our advertising info ( And, you can find other info about sending press releases and gallery listings on the website at (, choose "How the Paper Works".

And, we ask that you give us a "like" on our Facebook page, if you haven't already at ( It would be great if you "share" our posting about this issue on Facebook too.

And, don't forget that we are constantly posting more news atCarolina Arts News ( during the month leading up to the next issue. We've also started using Twitter, so you can find us at ( Follow us.

Remember, if you as an artist, or an organization are mentioned in this issue it's in your interest to get as many people to see the paper as possible - especially if you were an advertiser. We're not asking you to give us access to your list - it's yours - we just ask you to send this notice out to all your contacts.

Again, thanks for your support! Help us make this issue one that everyone sees - or at least everyone you know sees.

Tom and Linda Starland
Carolina Arts

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