Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clay club report

Had a fun time at OOAK in Micaville last night. We had the Clay Club there to say good bye to Lynda and Estella from ownership of the OOAK Gallery. They are still doing pottery and working in Burnsville though. Lynda is the dessert baker at Mary Jane's with her husband Kirk (glaze man extraordinaire) and Estella is working part-time with her brother at Cruz Chiropractic (who knew?).

Anyway we had fun and got to see a few folks, like Ian Meares who was in town for a short time.

Photos aren't the best but show Bridget Fox getting serious about the Health Care Rollout!

So next month - We do not have any plans yet....As always if you want to host the Clay Club ---let me know.  WE COULD HAVE A CHRISTMAS TYPE PARTY OR???  Demopalooza???? since people have been asking for demos?  So let me know. I would need a spot in Asheville (presumably) to do it but am TOTALLY OPEN TO ALL SUGGESTIONS!!

We do have plans to have the CLAY OLYMPICS  at ODYSSEY January 8, 2014 so mark your calendars.

 We have clay to be donated by Brian at Highwater and Gab is letting us use the space at Odyssey and we have our prize money donors so Get Ready. I will put out the list of events.

Mellie Mae Lonnemann is helping with the planning (she has a great website by the way! But anyone who wants to be involved just has to contact me!  Last year is was the best Clay Club of the year!!!  We will try again !!

Let me know if you have any ideas.

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