Saturday, November 30, 2013

2nd Annual Clay Olympics 2014

Yo Clubbers,

We are in the planning stages for the 2nd Annual Clay Olympics which will be held at Odyssey Center for Ceramics Arts -January 8, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

 Tish and Melissa have again, generously agreed to donate $100 per event as prize money. And Brian has agreed to donate the clay. I am looking for a few more sponsors so we can have several prizes. I would like to have :

1st prize -$100,
2nd prize $50 and
3rd prize - $25 .

So that means I need a $300 donation and a $150 donation. If anyone is willing to donate it would be great and would make this a really fun event.

Also if anyone else wants to get in on the planning - let me know. Mellie and I are just going to wing it unless someone else steps up.

So far the events are:

1.            Biggest thrown vessel (8 inch base/cylinder, must have bottom, 10 pounds of clay in 10 minutes. Two balls of clay, must wedge up prior to event. Judged on height and quality.)

2.            Fastest thrower (most 1 pound bowls, 6 “ x 2”, must have bottom, in 10 minutes, must wedge up prior to event. Judged on quantity and quality.)
3.            Blindfolded throwing (3 pounds of clay in 5 minutes, must bring blindfold.)

4.            Team throwing- two people throwing together, one persons hand on the inside, the other persons hand on the outside. (3 pounds of clay in 10 minutes, must have bottom. Judged on height and form.)

5.            Largest coil- pot in 15 minutes with ( 6 inch base minimum- 5 pounds of clay  in 15 minutes, must pre-make coils and base. Judged on height and form.)

6.            Best Face Jug ( Jugs provided 15 minutes. Judged on ugliness!)

If you want to sign up for any event let me know. We will have limits depending on the number of wheels and amount of clay available.


Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

Sign me up for blind folded throwing. sounds like a hoot.

John Britt said...

Got ya Nelle, It will be fun. Are we ok on the potential workshop at Squeaky Wheel? Or are you waiting on something from me?

John Britt said...

My opinion:
This is the best event of the year! Its great fun for the competitive, and provides priceless demos and laughter for all. Last year, people were tweeting and texting and clay enthusiasts came out of the woodwork to watch all the fun. I was not alone standing on a table to get a good view.
Bring food and come with a car load if friends.

Annie Thayer

Unknown said...

Hi, I recently moved near Murphy,NC and would love to join in the fun. If there is a spot available for the biggest pot, please let me know. I have a couple of wheels I could bring or maybe other items. Just let me know. Thanks, Chris Jones

John Britt said...

Chris, send me your email address.